Holy Week

Christ was desperate.

He told the people in the Sermon on the Mount how to build the kingdom of God: “Live modestly, in poverty, you do not have to stock up because God feeds all people.”

But nobody listened to him. They just wanted a king to free them from the Romans. Even his disciples slept at the crucial moment. That is why he gave his life. But we Christians never understood his message.

But right now we feel when we open our eyes wide:
The Kingdom of God has already begun!

Unnecessary consumption is at a standstill, the earth is recovering. Suddenly we have time for our family. There is solidarity all over the world.

Unfortunately it was not Christianity that made it, but a virus.

Christ will rise soon! Christians/humans all over the world, prevent mammon from rising again with him!

To those who are currently afraid for their job or their company I say: Have a little patience and trust in the solidarity of the human community!

Have a blessed Easter!