Are we really blind?

Slowly, more and more people accept that there is human-induced climate change. The largest share of this is due to CO2 emissions, which are mainly caused by production and transport.

Due to the Covid-19 lockdown, many people suddenly lost their desire to buy. As a result, production and transportation decreased. But that is quite normal as this is the essence of the market. The supply follows the demand.

If it stayed that way, climate change could come to a stop, as the main cause for it, CO2 emissions, have been much smaller in recent months than it was before the lockdown.

Apparently hardly anyone cares that less is consumed. Among the numerous rallies in recent months, there was not one that called for more consumption.

However, our politicians say that the economy needs to be stimulated again and are raising hundreds of billions of euros for this. One of their arguments is that the economy needs to flourish in order to finance climate action.

Isn’t that how the cat bites its own tail?

What we need is a whole new concept for living together on our planet.

And the rapid and radical change in behavior of billions of people as a result of Covid-19 shows that we are ready and able to do so.

Voluntary work and abolition of money

Everyone knows that doing something voluntarily is a lot more fun. Social psychological studies have shown that the result of voluntary work is at least as great as the result of paid work. And it’s bigger than the result of poorly paid work. Why do we let politicians and managers convince us that performance always has to be paid for?

The original purpose of money was to exchange something of the same value for a commodity. Today only a fraction of the money supply has this purpose. Today money is used as a means of power. Most of the money is owned by only a few people. Money is the main cause of developing the most negative human traits – greed and envy. Probably there would be hardly any crime if there was no money.

What would happen if everything was done on a voluntary basis? Of course we would all stay at home for now. It was exactly the same at the beginning of the Covid-19 lockdown. But since most people will feel shut in at home, they will be longing for a useful activity again after a few days. To be where they can find their social contacts.

The nurse would go back to the clinic, the teacher to school, the bricklayer to the construction site, the tram driver to the transport company. And in the evening you visit the supermarket and get what you need to live. Products which were produced and distributed by other people on a voluntary basis. Certainly you are grateful that you get things for free and gratitude is a very high reward.

The earth also gives us its fruits and mineral resources voluntarily.

I don’t know how to make this state of affairs, but let’s please think about it.