I’m 65 years old and I live with my spanish wife in Brussels. Sinds long I thought about a fairer society but my key experience was the encounter with Aboriginals in Alice Springs some years ago. They sit on the street and are despised because they do not submit to the culture of western society. But until the arrival of the Europeans they lived an unimaginably long time of 40.000 years in total harmony with nature. In 2015 the book „Laudato si“ of Pope Francis was published and when I read it I realized that the harm lies in the cycle of work, consumption and throw away. In the book “Retournez les fusils!” / “Ändere die Welt” by Jean Ziegler, I learned a lot about the causes of injustice in the world.

I grew up in the former GDR and had an atheist education. In the course of my life I felt more and more the closeness of God. It was only at the ripe old age of 43 that I began to intensively engage with the Christian faith. That’s why I often see the religion with different eyes than someone who has grown up with it since childhood.

I think we can see Jesus Christ as our example because he rejected consumption and wealth. I read books from the authors Ernest Renan, Paul Verhoeven, Thomas Cahill, Ernesto Cardenal, Jan Dobraczyński, Luise Rinser, José Saramago, Gerd Theißen and Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt about the life of Jesus Christ. All these authors have spent several years studying the life of Christ. I think I now have a good picture of how Jesus Christ lived.

My dream is that all 2 billion Christians in the world also will follow in their daily life the one they often only adore. Then the term „climate change“ would be only found in history books. The Inquisition and many genocides would never have happened.

When I was young, I learned the carpentry profession. But almost my whole work life I worked on the area of environmental analysis, with my own laboratory for the control of compliance of limit values of industrial air pollutants between 2005 and 2015.

For a few years now I have been living as a minimalist on the basic income that my wife donates. For my pleasure I sing in several choirs, play saxophone in a street orchestra, support the younger two of my four children with their study and since august 2017 I work as a volunteer in the homeless shelter Sleep Inn in Utrecht.

This is my private website.