What does Pre-apocalyptic mean?

Humanity produces every hour as much energy as if it were exploding 1000 Hiroshima nuclear bombs. Always. Every hour of the year. Or as if a meteorite the size of the Pyramid of Cheops would strike daily.

Bombs and meteorites leave traces that you can see. Energy leaves the same traces, but you can not see these traces. Nevertheless, they are and will remain there.

If nothing changes, global energy demand will continue to rise by a third over the next 15 years. Everyone talks about wind and solar energy, but that’s just 2%.

The Museum of Natural History in Berlin once showed a multimedia projection with represented the history of the earth in the space of a day. At zero o’clock you saw a glowing boulder. After the formation of the protozoa at 15 o’clock, the mammals formed around 23 o’clock. The first Homo Sapiens was born at 23:59 and 58 seconds.

The genesis of coal and oil took 15 minutes.

We have blown up this gigantic amount of fossil fuels in the last microseconds of the day within the duration of a photo flash. And that should be without effect?

All, except a few crazy kids and scientists say, “Oh, but we do not notice anything from the climate change!”. But why don’t we notice anything?

Put your hand on the plate of your electric stove and switch it on. It flows the hole full power but what do you notice? Nothing. At some point it will be pleasantly warm and soon afterwards you will let go. After half a minute, the plate glows.

We, here on Earth, are right now on this moment when it’s pleasantly warm. Actually, it would be the right moment to turn off the stove. If you have to sit on it and can not get away, you really should do it.

Do you now understand what pre-apocalyptic means?