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Nowdays politicians have too little influence on the global economy to be able to intervene effectively with climate protection measures.

Business executives either strictly refuse to intervene in the principles of supply and demand, or make statements that mark stagnating economic growth as dangerous.

They are smart people who have of course heard of “limits to growth” or who are familiar with the problems of factory farming. The fact that they still adhere firmly to their principles seems completely illogical.

The only explanation for this is that these people live shielded in the world of business and are compelled to secure profits. Without being able to think about the meaning of their actions. They are also very afraid of the market and beware of intervening there. But isn’t it the case that the market can easily handle accidental interventions such as banking crises or the considerable fluctuations in demand of up to 50% caused by the annual Christmals Shopping? Why should targeted interventions in the market cause irreversible damage?

The only way to solve this problem is to get in touch with influential business people or managers directly and try to loosen their mindsets and open their eyes to the fact that their principle of maximizing profits causes collateral damage, that is unethical and no longer justifiable.

The question, of course, is how to get in touch with these executives. As an individual, you certainly have no way of doing this. It might be different if you perform it in a group of 12 people – the magic number. Simple and sincere people who firmly believe in a good and just society.

You meet in a protected or private place. The manager is at the center of a circle, and can also feel like the main person here. There should be no political discussion, but the talks are only about ethical norms and Christian values.

Who has ideas or wants to participate?

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